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CHROMEIS operates as an IT academy that conducts IT and soft skills courses for professional growth, conducted in Lahore and other major cities of Pakistan.



Get Enrolled:

If you’re an individual, you can drop email to: trainings @ CHROMEIS.com
In case if you’re a group, cooperate or an organization, we can customize the content to your specific needs, as well, you may be eligible for special discounts. In such a case, please mention headcount and location for more competitive quotation or Contact Us to schedule a meeting.

Become a Trusted Trainer with CHROMEIS:

If you’re an SME, have public speaking skills and come with prior experience of conducting open-house trainings, let us know. Float your resume to careers [@] chromeis.com or trainings [@] chromeis.com

Benefits of becoming Trusted Training with CHROMEIS:
  • CHROMEIS pays above market.
  • Pick and drop will be provided by us.
  • We’ll let others know that you’re a valuable TRUSTED TRAINER and advertise your profile. This will directly compliment you in your next career move.


Our Objectives:

To provide trainings on modern range of technologies used in IT industry
To provide prospective students and participants with hands-on knowledge of the tools required in the industry
To play a leading role in providing professional IT trainings in order to support the IT industry in achieving its goals
To provide technical and management trainings to resources while focusing on a company’s specific needs
To become an IT and management finishing school for individuals as well as businesses

The training programs at CHROMEIS are particularly tailored to meet the growing business needs of today’s IT industry. With due emphasis on practical principles and processes, these programs focus on providing both the employed and unemployed workforce the knowledge, skills, and practices required for continuous improvement and to overcome the challenges at work. The motive is also to acquaint the work force with the expertise required to add value to business.