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- Vision & Strategy, makes us CHROMEIS

A Few Words about CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd.

CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2015 certified, Microsoft Partner company that enjoys excellent reputation in Internet industry. CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd. is relatively new company that started in 2015 and since then, CHROMEIS has benefited customers worldwide in Bespoke development, Performance Testing, e-commerce and other Professional IT Services including IT Training programs.

CHROMEIS offers cloud hosting. We’ve Enterprise SAN Storage servers utilize state of the art SSD caching technology, backed up by redundant RAID 10 topology for optimum performance. Our servers are equipped with the latest & fastest Intel/AMD enterprise processors, 256GB+ of RAM. Our data centers (SAS 70 Type II certified) with industry leading N+2 redundancy are equipped with multiple backbone Internet lines, backup power diesel generators, backup tape libraries, 24/7 surveillance protected by CISCO and other application firewalls, enabling us to guarantee 100% up-time, never reboot and Super Fast Speed.

Our Vision

CHROMEIS has a mission to become “first choice” company in the Internet Solution industry and Information Technology providing best priced, scalable solutions within time-frame.

We are dedicated to enhance the value of our company through expansion and acquisitions that provide shareholders with a secure and growing investment. As a company, we’re committed to growth, building on a solid foundation that dates back to 2007.

Quality Policy

CHROMEIS commitment is to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system through:

Customer Focused
  • Monitoring and enhancing Satisfaction of customers’ needs and expectations
  • Make commitments we fully understand and believe we can meet
  • Meet all commitments to customers on time
  • Developing and maintaining a skilled & motivated resource base

Performance Driven
  • Verify that our products and services meet agreed requirements
  • Monitor, benchmark and continuously improve our business, products and services, organization and employees’ performance.
  • Reward Employees for incresed productivity.

What’s our story?

Conceived in 2005 as Chrome Technologies before formalizing as CHROMEIS in 2014. Enhanced product line, mature processes and happy clients help continued growth.

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Our Leadership

Governed by mature leadership. CHROMEIS is fortunate to have leaders at diversified locations. We take pride leaders charismatic leadership of our top management.

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Our Clientele

CHROMEIS takes pride in serving 6 continents across globe. We’re serving clients in 6 continents and over 15 countries worldwide enabling us truly, Globally Local.

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Our Works

CHROMEIS has over 100 products and services to offer. From Bespoke development, Hosting Infrastructure, Mobile Development, Complex Software Testing and more.

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Glorious Legacy and Fantabulous today leading to Magnificent Tomorrow

CHROMEIS is also working as Multimedia Development, Internet Technology Company. We providing wide range of Multimedia Development, Web Applications, Software Development, Web Development, Web Designing, Interface Designing, Corporate Branding, Desktop Applications and customize solutions. We know the art. Our core objective is to facilitate our clientele and give them most competitive solution.

CHROMEIS focus is to contribute towards the Information Technology revolution by assisting companies in providing e-business solutions.

In the software arena, we assist companies in providing competitive B2B, B2C solutions. Our industry knowledge base and project management skills are geared to take up challenges of any magnitude. We will be addressing business needs in the fields of software product development. With a clear focus on high quality, timely delivered and cost-effective software development, CHROMEIS has made offshore development work as a key project management tool. CHROMEIS has a wide range of software products including Accounting Systems, Manufacturing Solutions, Financial Solutions, Trading Management Solutions, POS Solutions, Auditing Agents, Financial Inventory Control System, Interactive Web development, e-commerce, and Multimedia Solutions.

Our working models allow us to handle high volumes of work at short notice, with round the clock workdays and leverage of geographical and time-zone differences. This combined with our experience in providing software solution, project management capabilities and standards ensures us to develop solutions that give your business an edge. Our process include understanding the requirements, system planning, design, code walk through, development, unit testing, integration / system testing, documentations, release and support. We are a diverse information technology professional services company founded on the vision of providing our clients with a competitive edge. This is accomplished by delivering cost effective IT solutions, based on Systems and technology, which are tailored to their strategic business considerations.

CHROMEIS is driven by client’s requirements. Providing them the best way out through which they can get excellent results from local and international market. We present all services related to information technology with high impact of creativity and enthusiasm. Our aim is to develop strong, ongoing relationships with our clients and long-term partnerships, based on mutual growth and respect with industry vendors.

Our Clientele

CHROMEIS is an established and rapid growing company, looking forward for good long term sustainable relationship with other leading companies. We’ve served humanity across globe, have a glimpse.

Mubashar Lucman, famous anchor of Pakistan.
Mubashar Lucman, famous anchor of Pakistan.
Mubashar Lucman, famous anchor of Pakistan.
Grill ‘n’ Bake, famous most expensive dining, Lahore.
Hafeez Centre, Lahore.
Kanpa Sea Food Factory, Karachi.
UET CS, Lahore,
Vdoit, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
ILAF Law House, Islamabad.
Majid Ali Wajid & Co. Lahore.
Purple Arts Media, Lahore.
Siliconic Pro, Lahore.
Apps Evolution, Lahore.
Rent Logix, Pakistan.
MNH Productions Ltd. Pakistan.
PC Optimizer, India.
SK Associates, Pakistan.
Vase Estate, Islamabad.

White Space Designs Ltd., Bristol, UK.
MicroSolutions Inc, Łąkowa, Łódź, Poland.
Pupil Academy, England.
Central Account Services, England.
Lean Libélula, Sevilla, Spain.
North America
Art Med Tronics, AZ, US.
South America
Praperty. Chile.
Newzeeland Computing Solutions,
Karma Card, South Africa,
Really? A total of less than 800 human live there. If you’re among them, we might service you free :)

Our Services

  • Custom Be Spoke Development
  • WordPress and Web CMS development
  • iOS & Android application
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Software Business Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User interface & User experience
  • Internet Marketing
Our Work Experience:

Visual Studio .Net


WordPress & Web CMS


iOS & Android application


Load and Performance Testing


Software Business Testing


Search Engine Optimization


User interface & User experience


Internet Marketing


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