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Microsoft Project

Plan, Schedule and Track !


Project managers must work within tight schedules, manage resources across the organization and deliver results on time and within budget. Microsoft Project is a powerful tool to help you break a project down into manageable parts, identify potential bottlenecks and keep your project on track. In this course, you learn how to solve typical project and business problems using the planning, controlling and reporting features of Microsoft Project.

The goal of this training program is to provide developers and other leads of any type of projects to get acquainted with Microsoft Project Professional. Microsoft Project is a tool for create Gantt chart and keep track of time, cost and resources against various milestones defined over activities of any project.

Contents at a Glance
  • Overview of PM Standards & terms
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Project
  • Customizing options and the user interface
  • Creating WBS in Microsoft Project
  • Creating and Organizing the Task List
  • Modifying and Applying Calendars
  • Using A PERT Analysis to Estimate Task Duration
  • Managing Tasks Using the Gantt Chart View
  • Managing Tasks Using the Network Diagram View
  • Establishing the critical path of the project
  • Adding Lag or Lead Time to a Linked Task
  • Working with project, task and resource calendars
  • Managing Resources, Assignments and Budgeting
  • Managing Templates, Formulas, Filters, Groups etc.
  • Creating & Managing Custom Views for complex data
  • Managing Duration, Work and Cost Updates
  • Comparing baseline (budgeted) and actual costs
  • Monitoring resource progress & balancing workloads
  • Optimizing & Leveling Resource Assignments
  • Generating & Modifying Project Reports
  • Import and Export Data from Microsoft Project
  • Managing Multiple Projects in Microsoft Project
  • Creating Master Projects and Links between projects
  • Sharing and Analyzing Resource in Multiple Projects
Course Project
Training Philosophy
Around 24 contact hours
Training contents have been developed by Industry professionals
Project based hands-on approach
Tips and tricks from experts
Lab Exercises, self assessments and Assignments
Interactive sessions, promoting inquisitive audience

Certifications and Rewards
CHROMEIS Certificate of Attendance of subject training

Program Fee and Discounts
Please contact us for course fee details or drop email to trainings @ chromeis.com

10% discount on a group of at least 2 participants
25% discount on group of 4 participant with early registration
50% discount for Candidates seeking revision

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