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Data Science

Data Science – Why class-room training?

Industry is growing with more stable systems producing enormous, massive data. This training is designed specifically for Business Intelligence Professionals, DBAs and Data Engineers. KNIME Analytics Platform is used during this training which is a GUI based tool, suitable for both Business Professionals and Technology Professionals.

This program consists of 24-contact-hours.

Data Science
Data Science
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After this course an attendee will be able to:

  • Data Science overview
  • Model Interpretation and Evaluation techniques
  • Classification / Prediction Techniques
  • Clustering / Grouping Similar Data
  • NLP & Text Processing/ Sentiment Analysis
  • Rule Mining / Extraction & Market Basket Analysis
Contents at a Glance
  • Data Science Overview
    Typical Data Science Tasks
    Data Science Applications/Examples,
    Introduction to Classification/Decision Trees,
    Data Preparation, Normalization,
    Outlier Detection
    Data Discretization & Value Reduction
  • Model Interpretation and Evaluation techniques.
    Model Accuracy
    ROC Curve Interpretation
    Holdout Method
    k-Cross Validation
  • Classification / Prediction Techniques
    Decision Trees
    Naïve Bayes
    Artificial Neural Network
    Linear Regression
    K-Nearest neighbors
    Ensemble Methods (Bagging and Boosting)
  • Clustering / Grouping Similar Data
    K-Means Clustering
    Hierarchical Clustering
    Fuzzy C-Means
  • NLP & Text Processing/ Sentiment Analysis
    Part of Speech tagging
    Bags of Words Creation
    Part of Speech and Stop Word Filters
    Stemming Text
    Term Frequency Count
    Inverse Document Frequency
  • Rule Mining / Extraction & Market Basket Analysis
    Association Rule Mining
    Apriori Method
    Frequent Item sets
    Rules Generation
Course Project
Participants will get hands-on experience on KNIME Analytics Platform.
Training Philosophy
Around 24 contact hours
Training contents have been developed by Industry professionals
Project based hands-on approach
Tips and tricks from experts
Lab Exercises, self assessments and Assignments
Interactive sessions, promoting inquisitive audience

Certifications and Rewards
Certificate of Attendance by CHROMEIS PVT LTD.
CHROMEIS Certified Data Science (subject to passing CHROMEIS assessment)

Program Schedule
Check schedule here.

Program Fee and Discounts
Please contact us for course fee details or drop email to trainings @

Discount depends upon several factors depending size of group, cost of trainer and duration etc. Generally, we offer:
10% discount on a group of at least 2 participants
50% discount for Candidates seeking revision

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