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Partner Programme

A Microsoft Partner Company

A few words about CHROMEIS

CHROEMIS PVT LTD is a privately held Internet Technology company.

Registered in 2015, CHROMEIS became Microsoft Partner right at 1st year of inception. With a vision to surface as a quality conscious company, CHROMEIS carries keen focus on implementation of processes and this commitment.

CHROMEIS has achieved ISO 9001:2015 lately. This is a great milestone achieved. Getting such high quality standard demanded huge amount of investment including monetary as well as time. With ISO 9001:2015 certification in profile, CHROMEIS is determined to delivery even better quality services to esteemed customers.

A Few Words about Partner Program!

Thought of your own company? CHROMEIS PVT LTD is a startup which became Microsoft Partner as well as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company within 1st year.

The product line is rich and it acts like a reasonable size company. CHROMEIS is keen to explore partnering opportunities with individuals, startups and other companies who wish to leverage this platform to attract more business. This is likely to increase business and hence yield high profits and no extra cost.

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

What’s our story?

CHROMEIS was earlier conceived in 2005 and formerly been working as Chrome Technologies, Chrome Hosting and Chrome Institute. Enhanced product line, mature processes and happy clients help continued growth.

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Our Leadership

Governed by mature leadership. CHROMEIS is fortunate to have leaders at diversified locations. We take pride leaders charismatic leadership of our top management.

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Our Clientele

CHROMEIS takes pride in serving customers from diversified industries. We’re serving clients in 6 continents and over 15 countries worldwide enabling us truly, Globally Local.

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Our Works

CHROMEIS has over 100 products and services to offer. From Bespoke & Mobile development, Infrastructure, Web & SEO, Performance Test Automation and more.

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Taking off...

Did you really check through what it takes to merely start a company? Below are bare minimum steps that require your time and money to register a company.

  • Draft Article of Association and get it reviewed by a lawyer and pay his bills.
  • Draft Memorandum of Association and get it reviewed by a lawyer and pay his bills.
  • Decide on total investment you’ve upfront – who will be in board of directors and what will be their contribution.
  • Have an address for the company – ensuring you’ve legal documents to prove that space is commercial and you either own it or have tenancy agreement signed. (Think how you can have a commercial space before you’ve your business registered?)
  • Submit a review fee along with MOA and AOA with other documents to SECP. If you’re extremely lucky then you may get through this in 1st attempt – usually such is not the case.
  • Submit your capital investment and Govt. will deduct certain portion as tax – yes, right from your 1st investment before you could see your 1st customer.
  • SECP will ask for mandatory document, i.e. Account Maintenance certificate issued from bank. This is required to register a company. However, bank will refuse to even open your account until you give NTN. How will you solve this dilemma? By the way, all Banks require a requisition on your letterhead that starts – your-company PVT LTD. How on earth you can have that letterhead without having your company registered? That reminds you chicken n egg situation.

By now you realize that “Private Limited Company” doesn’t imply some private but freelance business; it is something more serious and hence more credible. Hopefully you’ll thank us later for having it done for you already :)

Let’s get to business now. Take your flight with us !

Service cape - website and office
Setup your office or store front and a website. Majority of Govt. policies require any business to have a website. Though this is not mandatory for Pvt but sure a compulsion for public limited companies.

CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd. has spent over 50% of it’s start up capital on website. How does that sound? And oh, how does the website appear to you?

North America
Art Med Tronics, AZ, US. www.artmedtronics.com
South America
Praperty. Chile. www.praperty.com
Newzeeland Computing Solutions, www.nzcs.co.nz
Karma Card, South Africa, www.karmacard.co.za
Really? A total of less than 800 human live there. If you’re among them, we might service you free :)