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Microsoft Partners with CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd.

  • Date 29-Feb-2016
  • Location Microsoft Headquarters & Visitor Center, Redmon (Seattle - U.S.A)

CHROMEIS is now Microsoft Partner.

CHROMEIS Pvt. Ltd. is now Microsoft Partner.
Being member of Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), CHROMEIS now leverages her skills, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to create marvelous value for our mutual customers and contribute to the most diversified partner ecosystem in IT industry. CHROMEIS restates her commitment to help and grow with specific benefits and an extensive collection of Microsoft resources to save our customers time and money.

The Microsoft Partner Network is built with end customers in mind, to give you the tools and resources that you need to do what you do best. We are fully committed to your success—according to IDC*, partners receive approximately USD$320,000 in value from Microsoft Partner Network benefits.

CHROMEIS is optimizing selling efforts with Microsoft software, tools, training, and an extensive library of sales and marketing support. We’re using our assets to get to market faster and win new customers.

You can:

CHROMEIS Microsoft Partner