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Android Development


The goal of this training program is to provide developers with the knowledge and skills needed to develop Android based mobile applications using state-of-the-art techniques. Anyone who wants to learn development for Android platform or perusing a career in mobile development can be benefited. This program aims to focus fresh as well as experienced candidates.

CHROMEIS training program for Android Development aims to introduce various techniques to develop mobile based applications for Android platform. The course discusses various challenges that are faced whilst developing any android based mobile application, along with solutions. Participants will build a unique Android based application incorporating key aspects of the android platform.

Pre-requisite:  Object Oriented Programming in Java

After this course an attendee will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of Java and develop various mobile applications for day to day computing/gaming
  • Understand how to enhance user experience into their applications
  • Learn techniques to address challenges in android programming
  • Rapidly develop robust and scalable mobile for Android platform and enhance mobile user experience
  • Create localized applications
  • Understand & apply object-oriented concepts like encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism and composition
  • Develop small/medium size android app, package and deploy
Contents at a Glance
  • Introduction to Android
    An Overview of Android platform
    History of Android and Android Versions
  • The Stack
    Stack Overview
    Native Libraries, Dalvik, App Framework
  • Quick Start
    SDK overview and installation of Android Studio
    Installing SDK and Understanding Android SDK architecture
    Hello, World! Creating your first android application
    The Emulator
  • An overview of main Building Blocks
    Basic android user interface
    Android System Overview
    Advance User Interface
    Activities, Intents, Services
    Content Providers, Broadcast Receivers
    Application Context
  • Hands on Project
    Build basic Application
    Project Design
    Design User Interface for Android
    A Real World Example
  • Working with Mobile Resources
    Multimedia in Android
    Working with Preferences, File System, Menus
    Audio, Video and using the camera
    File saving state and preferences
    Using Android Services
    Working with SQLite and Realm Database
    Using Lists and Adapters
    Broadcast Receivers
    Telephony and SMS
    Basic Content Providers
    Android Sensor
    Blue Tooth, NFC Network and WIFI
    Android and Internet
    Maps, Geo coding and location based services
    Invading the Home Screen
    Connectivity with Server
    Overview of new Holo Design and pivots
    System Services
    Overview of 2D Games- cocos 2D (that might or might not be included)
  • Packaging and Deployment
Course Project

A medium size mobile application for Android platform.

Training Philosophy
Around 32 contact hours
Training contents have been developed by Industry professionals
Project based hands-on approach
Tips and tricks from experts
Lab Exercises, self assessments and Assignments
Interactive sessions, promoting inquisitive audience

Certifications and Reward
CHROMEIS Certificate of Attendance of subject training
CHROMEIS Certified Android Developer (subject to passing exam)

Program Fee and Discounts

Please contact us for course fee details.
Drop an email to trainings @
10% discount on a group of at least 2 participants
25% discount on group of 4 participant with early registration
50% discount for Candidates seeking revision

Public Material: Download of slides is unavailable.

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