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.Net Web Programming & Design Patterns


The goal of this training program is to provide developers with the knowledge and skills needed to develop Microsoft.Net based web applications using state-of-the-art techniques. Anyone who wants to learn development using Microsoft Visual Studio .net or perusing a career in development can be benefited. This program aims to focus fresh graduates as well.

.NET is Microsoft’s latest platform for developing and supporting modern software applications. In this course, you acquire necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to write applications using VB .Net and C#. You’ll learn developing n-tier object-oriented applications with Visual Studio & SOA. It includes development of windows interface using WinForms, Web Interface in ASP .NET, distributed components through .NET Remoting & Web Services and DAL through ADO .NET. After this course an attendee will be able to:

  • Rapidly develop robust and scalable enterprise level Window Forms and Web applications using VB .NET / C# .NET & ASP .NET
  • Understand & apply object-oriented concepts like encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism and composition
  • Comprehend &use advance language features e.g. Events, Delegates, Exceptions & Generics
  • Understand & use IO Streams, Collections, Serializations & Reflection for effective .NET programming
  • Exploit new C# / VB .NET features like Lambda expression, extension methods
  • Process XML documents and schemas with .NET class libraries
  • Design custom controls for Windows & Web applications
  • Build n-tier application by implementing user interface, business logic, data access & data layers
  • Create consistent web interface with Master-Pages, Themes & Skins
  • Effectively use AJAX in developing web application
  • Design effective windows & web reports using Crystal Reports
  • Employ the .NET Framework to create sophisticated global applications
  • Configure & Secure windows & web applications using .NET Framework
  • Package & deploy Window Forms and ASP .NET Web Applications
  • Work out small/medium size projects independently in Visual Studio Professional/Ultimate
  • Develop or participate in development of large scale enterprise level, complex web applications.


Contents at a Glance
  • Overview of Microsoft .NET Platform
  • Introduction to Web Development & Client Server Mode
  • Fundamentals of VB .NET / C# Language
    • Basics of .NET and C#
    • OOP and Abstraction in C# (and .NET in general)
    • Working with Assemblies and Namespaces
    • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Developing Windows Interface using Windows Forms
  • Object Oriented Class Libraries Development
  • Instrumentation, Events & Delegates
  • Web Fundamentals
    • Introduction to Web development
    • Introduction to E-Commerce
    • Master Pages, Web Forms & ASP.NET Controls
    • Designing & Using Custom Windows Controls
    • Collections & Lists, Debugging & Exception Handling
    • Database Application Development using ADO.NET
    • User Controls, Server Controls
    • Input Validation, Site Navigation
    • ADO.Net & DataSets, Entity Framework
    • Themes, Master Pages and working with CSS
    • Data Binding & Data Bound Controls.
    • Input Validation
    • Site Navigation
    • Personalization
    • State Management
    • Implementing Security
    • Configuration and Deployment
    • Web Services
  • ASP.NET MVC Web Application Development
    • Introduction
    • Controllers
    • Razor Views
    • Working with Data
    • Ajax and ASP.NET MVC
    • Security and ASP.NET MVC
    • MVC Infrastructure
    • Unit Testing
    • Deployment and Configuration
  • IIS
  • Working with ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ
  • Working with WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • Using JQuery & Ajax.
  • Using Local & Global Resources
  • Globalization & Localization.
  • Introduction to Latest Web Trends
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Working with JSON
    • Working with XML
    • Essentials of XML, XML Schema, XPath & XSLT *
    • XML Programming in .NET
  • IO Streams, Serialization, Reflection
  • Graphics (GDI+), Printing & Streams
  • Language Integrated Query (LINQ) *
  • n-Tier Application Development
  • Localization, State management
  • Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX, JavaScript, DOM
  • Implementing Security & Caching in .NET Applications
  • Deployment of Windows Application
  • Web Services & WCF
  • Essentials of ASP .NET Web Applications
  • Master Pages, Web Forms & ASP .NET Controls Using ADO .NET & Data Bound Controls
  • ADO .NET & Data Bound Controls in ASP .NET
  • Input Validation, Site Navigation & Personalization
  • Asynchronous Java Script & XML ( AJAX )
  • Creating ASP .NET Controls & Web Parts
  • ASP .NET State Management
  • Configuration of ASP .NET Web Applications
  • Performance tuning & Development of Web Application
  • Assemblies & Configuration of .NET Applications
  • Globalization & Localization of .Net Application
  • Crystal Reports in Windows & Web Applications
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • Using Third Party Components
  • Introduction to Software Development Models
    • Agile, XP and Scrum
  • Introduction to Design Patterns
  • Software Architecture
    • Distributed Systems
    • Cloud Computing
    • Messaging System
    • Workflow Systems
    • Enterprise Scenarios and Requirements
    • Application Tiers
    • Layers
  • Work Responsibilities of a Software Engineer
  • Working with Graphics Department
  • Working with QA Department
Course Project
A commercial level n-Tier Architecture based Windows or Web Application using VB .NET/C#, ADO .NET/LINQ, ASP .NET and Entity Framework.
The project should be implemented using best practices of the object oriented software application level.
Training Philosophy
Around 24 contact hours
Training contents have been developed by Industry professionals
Project based hands-on approach
Tips and tricks from experts
Lab Exercises, self assessments and Assignments
Interactive sessions, promoting inquisitive audience

Certifications and Rewards
CHROMEIS Certificate of Attendance of subject training
CHROMEIS Certified .NET Specialist (subject to passing exam)
MCTS : Windows Application Development (CHROMEIS Guarantee to pass)
MCPD : Windows Forms Applications & ASP.Net Web Application (CHROMEIS Guarantee to pass)

Program Fee and Discounts
Please contact us for course fee details or drop email to trainings @
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10% discount on a group of at least 2 participants
25% discount on group of 4 participant with early registration
50% discount for Candidates seeking revision

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