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SQA – Software Quality Assurance

Flawless Productivity !

100% Test Coverage, but how?

Functionally Stable
Functional & Regression Testing
Optimized Repeat Cycles
Automated Test Suit
Scalability Achieved
Performance Testing
Penetration Secured
Security Testing

” Testing is the process of examining an application to ensure it fulfills the requirements for which it was designed and meets quality expectations. More importantly, testing ensures the application meets customer expectations.

Microsoft, www.microsoft.com
The Popular e-Business ideology means quicker company response to the market needs. However, at present we face a new era of new business approach, known as m-Business (business model based on mobile telecommunications) that raises the race to even higher levels. This new approach means that you entrust even more information and tasks to probably unstable and buggy software; hence customers’ concern about quality increases. So, if you want to create winning software product you should pay special attention to testing. Nevertheless, you need a good testing plan to ensure a successful and cost-effective testing.

Convinced? Let us learn to make this world a better place to live.


Learn how to achieve:

Scalable approach!

Better Coverage

Precise Reporting

Cost Effective


An intensive hands-on training program in Software Quality Assurance is designed to equip participants with in-depth knowledge and mechanics of SQA concepts, which are a key to understand Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing Techniques. As the IT industry grows, there is increased demand for repeat testing. After this course an attendee will be able to:

  • Understanding Static Testing Techniques (QC in upstream phases)
  • Software Testing Methods and Testing Types
  • Software Testing Strategies (Levels)
  • Whats and Hows of Test Cases and Test Data
  • Software Defects
  • Test Management
Contents at a Glance
  • Basic Concepts
    Basic Concepts and Definitions
    What is Quality
    Understanding what is Software Quality Assurance
    How to achieve the Quality Objectives
    Through Verification and Validation
    Through Test and Evaluation
    Quality Control in Software
    Importance of Quality Control
    Quality Control (Upstream and Downstream activities)
  • Introduction to Software Testing
    Fundamentals of Software Testing
    Principles and Focus of Testing
    Test psychology
    Goals of Testing
    Basic testing process
    Overall course of Test Cycle (Overview)
    Planning , Designing , Execution , Evaluation
  • Understanding Static Testing Techniques (QC in upstream phases)
    Static Testing Techniques (Upstream Activities)
    Peer Reviews
    The Formality Spectrum
    Types of Peer Reviews
    Introduction to Peer-deskcheck , Passaround
    What are Formal Peer Reviews : Inspections
    Roles and responsibilities in Inspections (Fagan Inspection)
    Conducting an Inspection
    What Work-items to Review and Who should Review What
    Practical Hands-on Exercise: Performing a Review on Requirements specification document
  • Software Testing Methods
    Quality Control (Downstream Activities)
    Testing Methods
    Black Box Testing
    White Box Testing
    Grey Box Testing
    Testing Functional aspects
    Identifying Functional flow (Positive, Alternate, Negative flows)
  • Testing Types
    Functional Testing
    UI Testing
    Installation Testing
    Security Testing
    Access Control Testing
    Failover and Recovery Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing Types
    Testing Types (Contd)
    Performance Testing
    Load Testing
    Stress Testing
    Volume Testing
    Testing the Non-Functional aspects
    Practical Hands-on Exercises: Identifying Testing Types of an Application
  • Software Testing Strategies (Levels)
    Testing Strategies
    Smoke Testing
    Regression Testing
    Integration Testing
    Automated Testing
    Acceptance Testing (Alpha, Beta)
    Unit (Component) Testing
    System Testing
  • Whats and Hows of Test Cases and Test Data
    Test Cases
    Common mistakes of Test Cases
    Practical Hands-on Exercise: Create Test Cases for an application
    What Test Data to use
    Equivalence Partitioning
    Boundary value Analysis
    Practical Hands-on Exercises: Identify Test data and use it in Test Cases
  • Software Defects
    Causes of Software Defects
    Severity and Priority of Defects
    Report a Defect
    Defect Lifecycle (Statuses)
    Defect Transition Rules
    Closing Defects
    Practical Hands-on Exercises: Report Defects and determine Severity
  • Test Management and Software Test Planning
    Creating Quality Assurance Policy and Plan
    Defining Roles and responsibilities (Test Leader , Tester)
    Defining STLC and Artifacts for STLC
    Defining Acceptance (Entry), Rejection and Exit Criteria
    Test Planning (Test Plan)
    Test Estimations
    Practical Hands-on Exercises: Drafting a basic Test Plan
Course Project
Participants will develop an Automated Test Suit, in form of group, using Selenium.
Perform Root Cause analysis under guidelines of supervisor.
Training Philosophy
Around 24 contact hours
Training contents have been developed by Industry professionals
Project based hands-on approach
Tips and tricks from experts
Lab Exercises, self assessments and Assignments
Interactive sessions, promoting inquisitive audience

Certifications and Rewards
Certificate of Attendance by CHROMEIS PVT LTD.
CHROMEIS Certified Selenium Expert (subject to passing CHROMEIS assessment)

Program Schedule
Check schedule.

Program Fee and Discounts
Please contact us for course fee details or drop email to trainings @ chromeis.com

Discount depends upon several factors depending size of group, cost of trainer and duration etc. Generally, we offer:
10% discount on a group of at least 2 participants
50% discount for Candidates seeking revision

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