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Power Builder

Robust and Reliable !

The goal of this training program is to provide developers with the knowledge and skills needed to develop PowerBuilder based web applications using state-of-the-art techniques.

Training Philosophy:

  • Training contents have been developed by Industry professionals
  • Project based hands-on approach
  • Tips and tricks from experts
  • Lab Exercises and Assignments

Availability: Public Training – Evening Classes

Program Fee: Refer to the schedule

50% discount for Candidates seeking revision
10% discount on a group of at least 2 participants

PowerBuilder is working in niche supporting not only lagacy product maintenance but fostering organization develop new state-of-the-art architecture based software. In this course, you acquire necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to write applications using PowerBuilder 11 and learn how to develop n-tier object-oriented applications. It includes development of windows interface, dealing with data window through packaging.

After this course student will be able to:

  • Rapidly develop robust and scalable enterprise level Window Forms and Web applications using PowerBuilder
  • Understand & apply object-oriented concepts like encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism and composition
  • Comprehend & use advance language features e.g. Events, Delegates, Exceptions & Generics
  • Design custom controls for Windows & Web applications
  • Build n-tier application by implementing user interface, business logic, data access & data layers
  • Create consistent web interface with Master-Pages, Themes & Skins
  • Design effective windows & web reports using Crystal Reports
  • Configure & Secure windows & web applications using PowerBuilder
  • Package & deploy Window & Web Applications

Brief Contents:
Following topics will be discussed during sessions:

  • Getting Started
  • Introducing PowerBuilder
  • Application Techniques
  • Design Concepts
  • Connecting to Your Database
  • Objects and Controls
  • PFC Object
  • Building Objects
  • Building Windows
  • Event Programming
  • PowerScript and SQL
  • Creating DataWindows
  • Using DataWindows
  • Enterprise Application Studio Installation Guide
  • Using the PowerBuilder Internet Tools
  • PowerBuilder Foundation Class FAQ
  • Cheat Sheet for PFC/PB & Help
  • Reviewing an Application
  • Packaging and Deployment

Course Project:
A commercial level n-tier Windows Application using PW 11. The project should be implemented using best practices of the object oriented software application development.


  • CHROME Certified PB Specialist