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Switch Gears

The Product:

PEL's MV metal-clad indoor Switchgear is made of a totally steel sheet enclosed design using draw-out type circuit breakers. The cubicles are metal-clad in accordance with IEC 298 and conform to a degree of protection IP4X as standard (enhanced degree available upon request). The enclosure is made from high quality steel sheet, welded together to form a robust and self-supporting structure. Painting procedure includes thorough cleaning, pre-treatment, anti-rust coating and final finishing in RAL colours. Powder coating painting is also available on request. Our Switchgear cubicles can be supplied with the vacuum circuit breaker, SF6 circuit breaker, fused vacuum contractor or fixed switch disconnectors, depending on the requirement or application.


Air Insulated, single bus bar system

Protection to IP4X

Maintenance free VCB/SF6 breaker

Interchangeability of similar rated breakers

Up to four cable terminations pre-phase

Quick make earthing switch (optional)


Metal-clad and compartmentalized design to IEC 298

Service and test positions with closed circuit breaker
  compartment door

Interlocks to prevent operators error

Automatic shutter system

Pressure relief openings on top

Type tested in accordance with IEC 298


Metal-clad Switch gears are sub divided into four compartments

a) Circuit Breaker ( Main Switching device) compartment

b) Bus-bar compartment

c) Cable/Instrument transformer compartment

d) Low voltage/relay compartment

Main Switching Device Compartment

This compartment houses the main switching device (circuit breaker or contractor) with horizontal isolation arrangement (guide rails and interlocking), automatic shutters for bus bar & cable compartments and secondary multi-pin plug for connection to LV compartment.

Bus-bar Compartment

High conductivity electrolytic flat copper bars are used depending on the rated bus bar current. Where required, the bus bar is covered with heat shrinkable sleeves and the joints are provided with removable clip-on covers. Marking/coloring is done in accordance with customer's specifications.

Cable/ Instrument Transformers Compartment

This compartment is located at the back of the panel and contains epoxy-resin instrument transformers and cable termination connections.

Low Voltage/Relay Compartment

The low voltage is separated from the high voltage section and is located on top of the main switching device compartment. As per customer requirements, protection relays, control switches, meters, indication lamps, etc. are mounted in this compartment.


The Switch gear operation and control is carried out from the front of the panel. The back & forth movement of the draw out unit is performed by simple pull-push action. All operations are directly interlocked with each other by mechanical devices and all positions can be checked on mechanical indicators. When the circuit breaker module reaches the isolating position, shutters automatically cover the fixed isolating contacts so that, the circuit breaker is protected and segregated from the bus bar and cable termination compartments. The shutters can also be padlocked to prevent opening by unauthorized persons.

Earthing switch (Optional)

Cable earthing switch with toggle spring mechanism for quick acting, fault-making operation can be installed in each panel. The switch is operated by means of a detachable lever from the front of the panel. It is mechanically interlocked with the circuit breaker so that, with the earth switch in closed position, insertion of the circuit breaker to service position is not possible. The operation of the earthing switch is only possible with the circuit breaker in the isolated position.


A series of interlocks are provided for the safety of the operating personnel and precaution of mal-operation, which may result in serious consequences. A few interlock possibilities are listed below:

· The withdrawal or engagement of the circuit breaker is not
  possible unless it is in the open position.

· The operation of the circuit breaker is not possible unless it
  is exactly in service, test or removed position.

· Circuit breaker trolley cannot be pushed into the panel if the
  auxiliary circuit plug is not connected.

· The auxiliary circuit plug cannot be removed, when the
  circuit breaker is in position.

· Complete withdrawal of circuit breaker is not possible unless
  auxiliary plug is disconnected.

Quality Control

A strict quality control is maintained throughout the manufacturing process by our inspection and quality control department. All PEL made equipments undergo stage-wise inspection and their complete routine testing is performed as per IEC/customer's specifications. A complete set of factory test reports is prepared before the dispatch of the equipment.

MV & LV Switchgear:

MV & LV Switch gear being one of the major power products of PEL is produced for indoor and outdoor installations complying with the latest international standards, i.e. IEC, BSS or VDE. PEL's switchboards are steel sheet fabricated, totally enclosed, floor mounting, vermin and dust proof. These are supplied with factory fitted relevant components and copper bus bars, internal wiring terminal blocks etc, the cubicle housing and doors are fabricated from 2-3 mm thick sheet steel, welded together to form a robust and self-supporting structure. Painting procedure includes thorough cleaning, pre-treatment, anti-rust coating and final finishing in standard RAL colours.








MV metal-clad Switchgear Cubicles:

-       Air insulted, single bus bar system
-       Protection to Ip4X (enhanced degrees as option)
-       Maintenance fee VCB/SF6 breakers
-       Interchangeability of similar rated breakers
-       Metal-Clad and compartmentalized design to IEC 298
-       Service & test positions with closed circuit breaker
ompartment door
-       Prevention of operator errors with interlocks
-       Type tested included short circuit and internal are
         tested as per IEC 298


Adaptable to various types of switching devices
(Vacuum contactor/disconnect switches etc)

Technical Data:

- Rated Voltage   

 up to 36V

- Rated Current   


- Rated Short Time Current

 16 kA-25kA

- Protection Class  


- CB Type     


Other MV Equipment

33KV and 11KV Auto Recluses, shunt capacitor banks (switched and switched off) and other specialized switchgear and control centers, in fixed and draw out designs, are also designed by PEL according to the customer requirements.