Power Division


Power & Distribution Transformers

PEL has vast experience in design and manufacturing of standard and special purpose transformers up to 33kV and up to 6000kVA ratings.
PEL made oil-immersed transformers with natural cooling effect are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. These are manufactured according to BSS-171, IEC-76 or VDE- 0532, tropical zed to meet adverse environmental conditions. All our transformers are offered with tabular tank, having a conservator and breather. However, hermetically sealed transformers are also manufactured up to 1000kVA ratings.







PEL transformers are available for various applications:

PEL's transformers have been successfully type tested for Impulse voltage and short circuit tests at KEMA, (Holland), Rawat (Pakistan), NIP (Pakistan) and UET (Pakistan).

Instrument Transformers

PEL instrument transformers are available as current transformers and potential transformers at low and medium voltage levels. We offer a diverse range of our indigenously developed CTs and VTs for varied indoor applications of metering and protection. These transformers are type tested for Impulse voltage, Short Circuit and Temperature rise test as per IEC-60044 & 186.

Low Voltage CTs are available in both PVC and MS Covers in round and square shapes, while CTs for MV application up to 12kV ratings are casted in epoxy resin. These CTs conform to IEC-60044. Single pole epoxy resin VTs for protection and metering conforming to IEC-186 are produced for system voltage up to 12KV.

MV Pad Mounted Transformer (Compact Sub-Stations)

Main components of this unit are medium voltage switch gear arranged to function as a Ring Main Unit (2-TP Disconnect switches and 1=fused T-off), transformer, LV switch gear and control gear, corresponding interconnections and auxiliary equipment. Enclosure is made of 2-3 mm steel sheet. These substations are manufactured for outdoor use suitable for mounting on a concrete pad. Door interlocks and other safety features are inherent part of the industrial installation having underground cabling.

- Rated Voltage   

 up to 17.5kV

- Transformer Rating   

 up to 1000kVA

- Protection Class   









Kiosk Type Connect Sub-Stations (Walk-in Type)

These sub- stations have almost the same functional features as for the Pad Mounted Transformers (Compact Sub- Stations), except that these are walk-in type and the operation of these devices can be performed while standing inside the station. MV switching device is selected in accordance with customers' specification. It could be a compact RMU or isolating Switches as required. The Kiosk is a self-contained, sub-station having its own source of auxiliary supply (battery & battery Charger) and is supplied complete with protection and metering devices, internal lights etc, ready for external cable connections and commissioning.

- Rated Voltage   

 up to 36kV

- Transformer Rating   

 up to 1600kVA

- Protection Class   


LT Current Transformers

Instrument transformers have modern production facilities backed by a competent design department. Our LT Current Transformers are available in a wide range of CT ratios, accuracy class, burden and designs of metering complying with the international standard of IEC-60044 (formerly IEC-185). The core is made of an electrical steel sheet as per international standards. CTs are wound with 99.99% electrolytic grade copper as secondary writing. LT CTs are designed and produced in ring or through type and bus bar or square type to suit the requirements of installation. These transformers have a maximum system voltage of 600V.

Potential Transformers

We design and manufacture single pole potential transformers for protection and metering conforming to IEC-186. PTs are produced for different system voltages ranging from 3.3KV to 12 KV. At low voltage levels, PTs are available in accuracy class 1.0 with class-A insulation. At medium voltage levels, PTs are available in 0.5 accuracy class with epoxy molding. Triple Pole, oil filled PTs are also manufactured for 12 KV system voltage applications.

HT Current Transformers

The design of HT current transformers conforms the
IEC-60044 standard specifications for protection and metering. Single and double core current transformers are designed with an accuracy class of 0.5 for metering and 5P20 for protection. Both primary and secondary windings are encapsulated in fine quality epoxy resin providing excellent insulation, good mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and a low dielectric loss. Resin- cast current transformers are designed for indoor installation of 3.3 KV, 6.0KV and 11KV Switchgear.