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Single & Poly-phase Energy Meters

PEL manufactures Electro-mechanical Energy Meters under license from ABB-USA. The quality of PEL meters has been certified by Kema Laboratories (Holland) as conforming to IEC Specs 521. PEL Energy meter plant is certified by ISO 9002 by SGS Yarsley UK.

Single Phase Energy Meters:
PEL's M8C is a direct connection single phase meter. The design and constructional features include overload compensation and temperature compensation thus providing a maintenance free operation over a long period and accurate measurement of electrical energy. The frame is sturdy in construction and its covers are available in unbreakable polycarbonate plastic material.










 Current (nominal)  

 10,20,40 A


 Current (maximum)

 40,60,80,100 A

Poly Phase Energy Meters:

Type T8L is a direct connection three phase meter having improved load performance and precision accuracy over a wide load range. All meter parts are corrosion protected for long term reliability. It has magnetic bearing system that is self-cleaning, non-aging and tamper resistant. This ensures virtually frictionless operation of the rotor while withstanding abuse from the surges and magnetic tampering. The meter is available with one-piece, high impact, polycarbonate cove. The terminal cover is extended type that completely shrouds the service cable.







 3 x 220/400V


 Current (nominal)  

 15 A


 Current (maximum)

 90 A


Single Phase Energy Meter

PEL manufactures Electromechanical Energy Meters under license from ABB-USA. The quality of PEL meters has been certified by KEMA Laboratories, Holland, as conforming to IEC Specs 521. PEL Energy Meter Plant has been certified by ISO 9002 by SGS Yarsley, UK.


The M8C meter provides an accurate measurement of electrical energy and maintenance free operation over a long period. The meter design includes a magnetic suspension bearing, where the disc and shaft assembly floats on a magnetic cushion established in an air gap between the bearing magnets at the bottom of the shaft. The result is a virtually frictionless rotation, directly proportional to load. The system of overload compensation permits the meter to fulfill all requirements of IEC with overload currents as high as 667% (6.67 times) of basic current (lb). This permits a single meter rating to meet as much wider range of applications and loads without the requirement to change the meter. The normal starting current for the meter is not less than 0.5 % (0.005) of lb. For special applications, even lower starting currents can be obtained with some sacrifice of performance on extreme overload currents.


Electromagnets, brake magnets and other components which affect meter registration are provided with superior temperature compensation material to assure accurate operation at wide range of temperatures. Mechanical stability of all components is a crucial requirement for long term sustained accuracy of energy meters. M8C provides unusual stability through the unique integrated, die-cast aluminum casting, which is precisely machined to accept all critical meter sub assemblies and components, moving element and register. This assures that all components are accurately placed in the correct design position and maintain their original position over the life of the meter. This also provides greater uniformity of performance amongst the group of meters. The sturdy frame assures that normal stresses which may occur during handling and connecting to various types of test racks do not change the relative position of components which can affect accuracy in a less robust design. Meter covers are available in unbreakable, polycarbonate, plastic material. Meter cover is attached to restrict the entrance of dust and moisture. The cover is sealed to the base using two screws. Each having provisions for standard wire security seals. A special polycarbonate cover, available as an option for the M8C meter, offers full visibility of all working parts providing excellent reading facility with proper protection against tampering or physical damages. The terminal block is made with molded phonemic resin having excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. Low Hygroscope of the plastic molding resin assures high insulation values even during over-voltage surges.


Power factory accuracy is set at the factory and does not require any changes over the life of the meter. If PF or full load calibration changes are desired, adjustments may be made simply with a screw-driver or by simple finger adjustments of the calibration wheels. Both adjustment screws are easily accessible from the front of the meter once the meter is removed.