The Saigol Group

In 1948, the Saigols migrated from Calcutta and initiated their business in Lyallpur (later named Faisalabad), the textile city of Pakistan, under the banner of Kohinoor Industries Limited.

Kohinoor Textile Mills

The Saigols set up the first major textile unit- The Kohinoor Textile Mill under the umbrella of Kohinoor Industries Limited. The Kohinoor Textile Mill has state-of-the-art quality control from raw material to finished product manufacturing. Its laboratory is rated among the best laboratories in Pakistan for testing of raw materials, other inputs and yarn.
Initial capacity: 25,000 spindles
Current capacity: 147,620 spindles
Annual Turnover: approx. $39 million

PEL (Pak Elektron Limited)

In 1956,
the Saigol Group of Companies purchased major shares of PAK Elektron Limited. At this junction, the company was only manufacturing transformers and switchgears. With the Saigols in management, PEL expanded into airconditioner manufacturing.

The PEL Group comprises two divisions:

• Appliances Division
• Power Division

Appliances Division

PEL Appliances Division consists of a home appliances manufacturing company. It was established in 1956 in technical collaboration with M/s AEG of Germany.

In 1981, PEL window type air conditioners were introduced in 1981. In technical collaboration with General Corporation of Japan. Today, PEL airconditioners hold approximately 45% market share.

In 1986-87, the company started manufacturing in technical collaboration with M/s IARSILAT of Italy.

In 1987,
PEL deep freezers were also introduced in technical collaboration with M/s Ariston of Italy.

In 1993, with technical collaboration of NECCHI of Italy, the company started assembly and manufacturing of compressors for refrigerators and deep freezers.

Today, PEL has become a household name. At the Gadoon Amazai industrial estate, an export processing zone in Pakistan, air conditioners and deep freezers under the banner of PEL Appliances Limited are manufactured.

Power Division
PEL Power Division is one of the major electrical equipment suppliers to WAPDA & KESC. The company manufactures transformers, switchgears, kiosks, compact stations and shunt capacitor banks. PEL also has had the privilege of getting its equipment approved and certified from well-reputed international consultants such as:

Preece, Cardew and Rider, England
• Harza Engineering Company, USA
• Snam Progeti, Italy
• Societe Dumezm, France
• Miner & Miner International Inc. USA
• Ensa, France

Saritow Spinning Mills & the Azam Textile Mills

In 1987, the Saritow Spinning Mills and Azam Textile Mills emerged under the banner of Saigol Group of Companies. Saritow Spinning Mills is a spinning unit with 18420 spindles capacity. Facilitated with the most modern and efficient Japanese and European machinery, its knitted yarn is renowned in the Far East and Europe for its fine quality. While Azam Textile Mills is reputed for its carded and combed yarn, which is quite popular for premier knitting and weaving.

Kohinoor Power Company Limited

In 1991,
the first power unit to commissioned in Pakistan was Kohinoor Power Company Limited. initiated with two Nigatta engines of 5 MW, the company increased its plant capacity to 15 MW within a span of three years.

Kohinoor Energy Limited

another power unit, Kohinoor Energy Limited, was established. Kohinoor Power Limited is a 120 MW power plant located on the outskirts of the city of Lahore. This project has an annual turnover of $40 million.

Saigols Computers Private Limited

In early eighties,
the Saigols initiated with the sole distribution for Wang Laboratories Inc., which was followed by the dealership of Radio Shack Line of computers manufactured by Tandy Corporation. Resellers rights from Tricord Systems Inc. USA and Tulip Computers of Netherlands were obtained along with a line of RISC based multiprocessor capable of providing workstation solutions from Sun MicroSystems Inc., USA.

Kohinoor Motor Works Limited

The Saigol Group also entered a joint venture with CHINA QINQOI under the banner of Kohinoor Motor Works Limited. This joint venture enabled manufacturing of an affordable and durable motorbike for the masses in Pakistan.