User should carefully read the manual of the deep freezer prior to use.
 Before switching ON the unit first time or after a long interval, the machine should be allowed to run empty for at least 4 hours.
 The deep freezer should be kept away from heat sources like heaters, cookers, stoves, direct sunlight etc.
  Loading should be done keeping in view the freezing capacity listed on the machine. Excessive loading in one go will affect the cooling of the machine.
 The deep freezer should be placed in a well- ventilated area. Small corners, stairs, cupboards or narrow spaces should be avoided.
 Deep freezer must be connected to a reliable earth point through a Three-pin arrangement.
 The deep freezer should be defrosted periodically, before a maximum of 5 mm thick frost appears on the Freezer.
 Do not connect your appliance directly to the electrical supply mains, a circuit breaker of appropriate rating must be connected between the appliance and the mains.
 A reliable Voltage Stabilizer must be used in areas where the voltages are low beyond 190 Volts.
 Thermostat should never be permanently set in high values. Optimum Cooling results are achieved in the medium range and with the SN Switch in the normal position.
 Voltage fluctuations and frequent power shutdowns are harmful for the deep freezer. At least five minutes should be given before restarting the unit. Time Delay switches/arrangements are recommended for use in areas where these problems are frequent.
 Door opening of the deep freezer should not be frequent.