User should carefully read the manual of the airconditioner
prior to use.

 The airconditioner should not be installed in areas that area   exposed to direct sunlight as the sun heart reduces the efficiency of the machine.
 Air Filter should be cleaned regularly and should be free from dust, lint or other particles. A choked air filter may reduce the suction volume of air resulting in low cooling or ice formation on the evaporator fins.
The AC should be serviced regularly. Most critical items during servicing are cleaning/washing of condenser and evaporator fins, fan motor and checking/tightening of all electrical connections.
 The AC should be connected with a firm electrical mains system. The size and quality of the power cables, circuit breaker, socket and plug should be appropriate.
 The AC should always be installed where isolation from the power mains is possible. During off condition, the units should be totally disconnected from the mains.
 Split AC's should be installed preferably by PEL authorized installers as per PEL recommendations/specifications so as to ensure proper operations.
 Room size calculations determine the correct Capacity of the airconditioner. These calculations should always be done prior to the size selection of the unit. As a thumb rule, one-ton load is good enough to provide sufficient cooling in a room with covered area of 150 square feet, with 10 feet high ceiling. Other room sizes can be handled accordingly.
 A reliable Voltage Stabilizer must be used in areas where the voltages are below 190 Volts.
 Thermostat should be set according to the temperature requirements of the room. This can minimize the power consumption of the unit.
 Voltage fluctuations and frequent power shutdowns are harmful for the airconditioner. Wait for atleast five minutes before restarting the unit after every shutdown.