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Career Opportunities at MajidAliWajid & Co.

At Majid Ali Wajid & Co. we recognize the importance of a best human resources and offer several programs that can give you a head start in your career.

We accept and support our employees’ ambitions. We realize that growth in the company’s business is the vehicle that unites our employees’ ambitions with those of our shareholders. We offer more than just jobs; we offer careers to those who are prepared to step up to the challenges and fully contribute to our success.


Co-op Program

Majid Ali Wajid & Co.
co-op program gives you hands on work experience and lets you apply classroom fundamentals to everyday business practices. Majid Ali Wajid & Co. believes that this combination of school and work will give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce.

Resources are placed in positions based on their interests, skill set and positions related to their majors or career goals. We offer competitive co-op salaries based on the national standard for similar and competing industries.


Career Fairs

Majid Ali Wajid & Co. hiring managers and recruiters participate in a number of Career Fairs throughout the year and work closely with colleges and universities to recruit a diverse group of talented students for our workforce.


Training Program

Majid Ali Wajid & Co. supports the concept of creating a technical development process for our engineering employees to reflect our focus on people. We believe that on-the-job training for lawyers continues the grooming base achieved at university and builds on Majid Ali Wajid & Co.’s “Results Orientation” element for success. As such, Majid Ali Wajid & Co. has developed a Training Program to combine the technical training achieved at university with on-the-job training.

The first two years in the Training Program are comprised of a formal program that includes close mentorship by an experienced Professional Lawyer. After the first two formal years of training, the lawyer gains experience by taking on more responsibility both in scope of work and in impact to the operations. Lawyers in our Training program are compensated at regular intervals based on performance and contribution to the company.

The Training Program is designed to expose you to at least two operations by the end of year four. Systematic rotation of engineers from operation to operation develops a new lawyer’s job skills and knowledge of Majid Ali Wajid & Co.’s processes.


How to Apply

Majid Ali Wajid & Co. recruits for or co-op positions throughout the year.

All interested in applying should apply through electronic mail at:


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