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   Our Mission 

Expedient service for our clients with unmatchable quality and competitive prices. 


Since the beginning, natural stone has been the foremost choice of humankind for building, decorating, and crafting. It's color and fascinating natural beauty has mesmerized civilizations for centuries and to this day is still an obsession for many. 

Carrera International was also born with an obsession for natural stone. The company’s relentless focus on bringing the finest quality natural stone products from around the globe at competitive prices has become the hallmark of our success over the years. At Carrera International, we are committed to delivering superior quality and on-time seamless customer service so that our clients get the real taste of "value for money.”

 We take pride in our ability to offer you a wide range of high quality Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone and handcrafted products. Our products include Blocks, Slabs, Strips, Tiles, Pavers, Mosaics, Borders, French Patterns, Moldings, Sinks and handcrafted articles. Please visit our showroom to view some of our collection.

 Believing that vigorous research carried out by energetic professionals coupled with immaculate service has enabled us to efficiently respond to the latest styles and design trends. Our cut-to-size jobs are executed with greatest precision, thanks to the cutting edge technologies together with the experienced skillful workforce employed by our processors.

Enjoy visiting our website. Please contact us to explore further possibilities, we would love to add you in our large family of satisfied customers. Yes, we call it a family!!

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